MP3 Folder Structure Maker v1.2.1.1

Organize your MP3/FLAC Folder by using your own structure

Hi I'm Sebastiaan Pasma the developer of the software Mp3 folder structure maker. My domain was taken by some asian
company/person after the hosting company where that domain was hosted was bankrupt (without any notice) and didn't renew my plan.
It is now May 2015 (when writing this) and it has been offline for some time. Today I decided to provide it as a download on this fast paced page.
MP3 folder structure maker provides you with features to organize your mp3 folder, I have written it for my
father from 2006 until 2008, who had a big MP3-collection back then, when I was 17 years old.
It has features to organize MP3 and FLAC by ID3-tags and filename/directory name etc.
It is written in VB.NET and I still have the source somewhere and I don't if it still works on new OSes like windows 8(.1) & 10. (windows 7 was mentioned by some websites as working)
If you want I can compile it with the newest version of Visual Studio, just email me at sebastiaan [a]
Back in the days this software was spread over many websites on the internet and downloaded many times of my server
at (It was about 500 times from my own server)

The Bug-report feature isn't working anymore. (obviously) Send reports to sebastiaan [a]

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